The CDPP is the French national data centre for natural plasmas of the solar system.

Created in 1998 jointly by CNES and INSU, the CDPP assures the long term preservation of data obtained primarily from instruments built using French resources, and renders them readily accessible and exploitable by the international community. The CDPP also provides services to enable on-line data analysis (AMDA), 3D data visualization in context (3DView), propagation tool and space weather tool which bridges solar perturbations to in-situ measurements. The CDPP is involved in the development of interoperability, participates in several Virtual Observatory projects, and supports data distribution for scientific missions (Solar Orbiter, JUICE).


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Nouvel outil d'accès aux données en python

Participation du CDPP au colloque du PNST

08-12 janvier 2024


Integrating the ESA space weather portal

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