IMPEx ( Integrated Medium for Planetary Exploration ) is an FP7 project started in June 2011 whose aim is to enable observational/model data inter-comparison. Models derive from MHD and hybrid codes (from LATMOS and FMI) and analytical paraboloid models (from SINP) for the magnetic field. Observational data are brought by both AMDA and CLWeb (E. Penou, IRAP). 3DView is used for data visualization in context. For IMPEx, the CDPP was responsible for WP2 "Data and Models Environment" which comprises delivery of the User Requirement Document and the Architecture Document, together with the development of interfaces between analysis tools and simulation and model databases.

IMPEx developed a general protocol for data transfer between databases. The different IMPEx resources can be accessed via the portal which is also a handy test-bed for the protocol itself.

The different web-services developed within IMPEx can be found here

You can access to the AMDA data tree and the CL data tree