Europlanet FP7

The CDPP has participated to the Integrated and Distributed Information Service as part of the EuroPlaNet project (2006-2009), initiated with the support of the European Commission under the 6th Framework Program "Structuring the European Research Area" - Research Infrastructures Action.

Its development into an international research support environment (2009-2012) was supported by the European Commission's 7th Framework Program, Europlanet Research Infrastructure, grant agreement 228319, as part of the Capacities Specific Programme / Research Infrastructures.
The objectives of IDIS is to provide the planetary science community with Virtual Observatory tools for the access of data and information from laboratory measurements, ground- and space-based observations as well as modeling results, allowing comparative and multidisciplinary studies of planetary objects and environments.
The CDPP was responsible together with IWF, Graz (Austria) of the Planetary Plasma Node of IDIS, and worked in collaboration with VO-Paris towards the development of standards and tools to transform IDIS into a Virtual Observatory.
CDPP main achievements for EuroPlaNet in a nutshell:

  • More than 300 planetary plasma datasets coming from various databases including NASA/PDS, ESA/PSA and various institutes have been added in the CDPP/AMDA (Automated Multi-Dataset Analysis) tool.
    Our database now covers all planetary environments of the Solar System, with the main emphasis given to missions currently in operations (Cassini at Saturn, VEX at Venus, MEX at Mars) or useful to prepare future ESA-led missions (like MESSENGER for Mercury and Galileo for Jupiter). A training workshop was hosted at IRAP in September 2011, Toulouse for EuroPlaNet participants to learn how to use the CDPP/AMDA tool.

  • The CDPP/AMDA tool has been made SAMP-compatible for VO-interoperability.
    This enables our tool to be connected for the first time to IVOA-tools such as Aladin (e.g., visualization of HST observations of auroral emissions of giant planets in correlation with spacecraft measurements around the planets); TOPCAT (e.g., histograms/3D plots) or VOStat (statistical data analysis).

  • The CDPP/AMDA service is declared in a registry and can be queried by a specific client at:

  • The CDPP team also participated with the VO-Paris team to the development of PSR-DM (Planetary Science Resource Data Model) and EPN-TAP (Europlanet-Table Access Protocol), both based upon IVOA (International Virtual Observatory Alliance) standards. These data model and protocol are now used to share more and more datasets in the domain of planetary sciences, using IVOA existing standards and infrastructure.



Illustration of CDPP main achievement for EuroPlaNet: building of the planetary plasma database and connection to IVOA-tools through the SAMP protocol.

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