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A new interactive tool accessible to the solar, heliospheric and planetary science communities to track solar storms, streams and energetic particles in the heliosphere.

This tool was defined and developed by IRAP and IAS staff through a subcontract with GFI informatique and CNES financial support.


The propagation tool allows users:

  • to propagate solar eruptions (CMEs) radially sunward or anti-sunward (Radial Propagation),

  • to propagate corotating structures (CIRs) in the heliosphere (Corotation),

  • to propagate solar energetic particles along magnetic fields lines sunward or anti-sunward (SEP Propagation),

The START and END points can be the Sun, planets or probes situated in the interplanetary medium. The times of propagation between the START and END points are based on simple analytic calculations.


By calculating propagation times, the tool helps bridging the solar imagery and in-situ plasma communities by redirecting the user to the respective databases MEDOC and AMDA. It is part of the scientific suite designed by the Solar Terrestrial ObseRvations and Modeling Service STORMS.




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