Tools and services at CDPP

In 2006, the CDPP has completely rebuilt its data system, now based on two CNES products SITOOLS and SIPAD-NG.

One of our key aims is to provide some powerful tools allowing the users to exploit our database on-line. Such tools, necessarily generic, need to play with standardised and sufficiently described data. To face this problem, the CDPP has developed its own internal format and corresponding API for conversion into and from commonly used format (CDF, CEF, NetCDF, ASCII).

In order to provide complementary data to the analysis to the ones available at CDPP, we have integrated the web-services provided by the CDAWeb (SPDF, NSSDC, USA). The user can reach the CDAWeb database via the CDPP standardised database or via the AMDA service.

We are developing AMDA (Automated Multi-Dataset Analysis), available in its V1.0 version.
This service is an integrated tool for automated multi-dataset analysis. The user can easily visualise data, extract and merge data, and perform automated search on the content of the data in respect of editable mathematical criteria. The user can also perform visual search interactively. These search tools produce time-tables which can be downloaded in various formats (text, xml) including VOTable compliant with the IVOA standard.

Interoperability and Virtual Observatories (VO)

The CDPP is one of the founder and an active member of the SPASE consortium. SPASE is building a model for scientific data systems, based on the latest web-based technologies and designed to be a distributed data systems with a heterogeneous mix of platforms and systems. The first version of the model has been released in January 2007.

The CDPP promotes the Virtual Observatory concept. In the heliophysics field, the CDPP participates to proposals to European Union. At the national level, it collaborates with the French solar databases, BASS2000 and MEDOC in order to develop a solar/heliospheric monitor. In the planetology field, the CDPP joined recently the EuroPLANET project as the co-leading institute for the plasma node.

Scientific animation and support

The CDPP welcomes researchers who wish to use its tools and data in direct interaction with its scientific and/or its technical teams. In particular, the user may need some specific application or functionalities which are not available yet.

The CDPP is organising workshops.