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A versatile web tool for Space Physics

  • Multidataset visualisation and download

  • Visual and automated event search and data mining

  • Catalogue generation and exploitation

  • Remote access to data model and image centres via vo tools and standards


Rules of the road

System Use Policy

Thank you for acknowledging the use of AMDA in publications with wording like "Data analysis was performed with the AMDA science analysis system provided by the Centre de Données de la Physique des Plasmas (CDPP) supported by CNRS, CNES, Observatoire de Paris and Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse."

Data Use Policy

Data Use Policy AMDA local base holds data originating from several Data Centres (see the detailed list on AMDA About" page). When using either those data or AMDA "External Data" service to connect to remote centres, please follow the corresponding Rules of the Road. "



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A new Amda is now available...


New data : MAVEN from PDS

Recent updates : Cluster, STEREO

AMDA data can be analyzed via 3DView & the Propagation Tool

Access simulation & model results from the FP7 IMPEx project